It is so hard to stop the miscellaneous spending!! I was doing such a great job for a while, but I keep making little slip-ups. I know it happens, but it's really disappointing when I feel like some months I am able to make HUGE payments to my credit cards and other months I am only really able to make the minimums. I guess this goes back to just really sticking to a budget!

This month, I had a few bigger purchases that I wasn't planning for. I had to buy a new phone because my old one broke. I could have gotten a cheap regular phone, but I just replaced my iphone with another one (although I did get a good deal...). I also had to replace my car battery. That wasn't too expensive either and I do have miscellaneous car repairs in my budget, but I don't usually have to dip into it. The auto shop also made a few additional recommendation for other repairs that I should do soon, so I need to account for those.

Beyond those things, which I think are more essential spending (okay, I know my iphone is not technically essential, but it feels like it!), I have let myself make a few other smaller slips in spending: A new shirt, a little wallet, an extra coffee or two. None of those items cost much, but they were definitely things I really didn't need to spend money on.

I am realizing that when I don't feel like I'm making big progress, I have a harder time feeling focused. I hadn't posted anything here for a few weeks. I didn't get any big extra checks to use as payments. I need to make sure to keep myself feeling 'gazelle intense' about everything.

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