Just say NO! to credit cards

I am really trying to go completely cold turkey with my credit cards. I cut up 2 credit cards entirely, but I can't bring myself to totally destroy the other 2. I took one of them out of my wallet and hid it in my desk drawer at work and I am still keeping the other one in my wallet, but I am trying to forget it is there. I hid it deep in the back of a bunch of other things.

It feels good to know that I am not getting any deeper into debt anymore. The down side of this situation is that I have to really budget now. Like, really budget. I can't just decide to make a purchase on a whim, because doing so now means I am going to overdraw my checking account. That is probably what got me so deep into this hole anyway.

I'm still just a little bit scared that something is going to come up that I won't be able to handle with my cash-on-hand, and will end up needed to resort to credit.

I have my "Dave Ramsey baby step 1" emergency fund of $1,000 in savings, so I think I should be able to thwart off any potential emergencies, as long as they are $1,000 dollar issues or less.


  1. I also put my credit cards away. I read dave ramseys book last night and I am working on building up my $1000 while simultaneously paying off my debt. By October, I will be close to my $1000 and my credit cards will be paid off if I can learn to rely on cash 100%. This is a big challenge. I am also contributing $100 to my retirement account each month for now. When all cards are paid off I will increase this to $200 and then turn my attention to getting my car paid off. Good luck!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. As soon as I remember my gmail password I will be a follower. I saw your blog on Dave Ramsey site. I have been following him for years and still have debt; student loans and car note. I dont have any credit cards. You have motivated me to get on it and get that 1,000 saved up asap and really become debt free. You can do it!!!! It may be hard at first but once you get it down packed it will be so easy. Many blessing to you.

  3. I'm excited for you! What a great goal to have. I too follow Dave's plan. My husband and I are on Baby Step 2, and it feels like we're treading water. Not getting into anymore debt, but not paying it off as fast as we'd like. I'm constantly looking for motivation, and I think this will help! Good luck!